The Game

What’s the purpose of the game?

When playing Totally Spies! Fashion Agents, you will experience the Spies double life: be a spy and a student at the cutting edge of fashion. 
As a new recruit, your aim is to create the ultimate Spies team by choosing among your friends the best ones who could help you to accomplish the missions. Like Alex, Sam and Clover, you’ll save the world as a trio. You will also have the luck to share your apartment with your teammates.

What’s the Experience Level? How do I gain more?

The experience is what makes you level up. To gain more, train very often, do a lot of missions to fight against the enemies, remember to check all the pink crates, there is surely some experience points inside.

What’s the currency of the game? How do I earn more?

The game has two kinds of money: the Spycoins and the WoohpCash.
The Spycoins are symbolized by gold coins in the game. It’s the common currency of the game. You can win some by visiting your friends, doing chores around your apartment, training, accomplishing missions or taking care of your pets.
The WoohpCash is symbolized by a green ticket in the game. It’s the more valuable currency of the game, the one which will allows you to buy bonuses and the most beautiful items. When you create your account, the Woohp offers you 5 WoohpCash. If you would like to have more, you must purchase them clicking on ‘More Sc and W’.

What’s energy for? How do I get more?

The energy allows you to train. It basically represents your life points. Your energy will fill up gradually with the time. If you would not prefer to wait, some ‘Booster’ sweeties to buy are available in the Groove.


How to shop?

Furniture, accessories, outfits, a new look…. The Groove is the best and only shop to go to get everything you need. Click on the red bag icon and discover the Spies shopping mall.


How to change or take off the avatar’s outfit?

To change your avatar’s outfit, you can choose an old one in your inventory or buy some new ones in the Groove. To go to the Groove, click on the red bag icon. Choose the type of clothes you would like to buy by clicking on the tab ‘Outfits’, ‘Shoes’, or ‘Accessories’. Once you find an item you like, click on the button ‘Buy’ on the corresponding vignette.
When you’ve finished your shopping, leave the Groove by clicking on the red “X” at the top of the window.
To change your clothes, click on the shoe icon. You’re now in your inventory. There, you can find all the clothes items you bought at the Groove. 
To choose a new oufit for your spy, click on the tab ‘Outfits’. To see an outfit worn by your avatar, just click on the corresponding vignette. You will instantly see the new outfit on your avatar at the right of your screen. If you would like to take off your avatar’s clothes, click on the red circle and she will be in her underwear. Once you dressed your Spies, you can close the page by clicking on the cross. 

How do I change my hairstyle?

After Level 9, you‘re able to change your hairstyle. For that, you must click on the red bag icon first to go to the Groove. Once you’re at the Groove, click on the tab ‘Hair’ and you will see all the haircuts available. Then, choose the desired haircut by clicking on the button ‘Buy’. Do not forget to validate your purchasing by clicking on ‘Ok’. Close the groove page at the end clicking on the red “X”. Click on the shoe icon and find the haircut you bought in the tab ‘Hair’. Now, just choose the perfect haircut by clicking on the right vignette. You will see instantaneously your new haircut on your avatar at the right of the page. To finish, close the window by clicking on the red “X”.

How do I customize the avatar?

The little avatar is a miniature of your spy. On the little avatar, some characteristics of the big one will be shared: the haircut, the skin color and the outfit color. 

Are there some boy Spies?

To be faithful to the Series, we won’t propose male avatars for the moment. In the meantime, boys can totally play with female avatars.


How do I get a pet?

Pets are available at the Groove. To go to the groove, click on the red bag icon and select the tab ‘Pets’. Then, buy the animals you would like by clicking on the button ‘Buy’. Once you bought them, click on the red “X” to close the Groove. To place your pets in your home, go back to your apartment and click on the icon ‘Tools’. Select your pets one by one on the list and place them wherever you wish. Finally, close the customization of your apartment by clicking on the red “X”.

Is it possible to have a lot of pets?

You can buy as many pets as you would like. The important thing is to take care of them and give them lots of love.

Can I sell my pets?

If you can’t take care of all the pets you bought, you can sell them in your inventory. For this, click on the icon ‘Tools’, then on the button ‘Sell’ on the pet you wish to split up with. Do not forget to confirm the sale by clicking on the button ‘Ok’.

The team

What is the difference between "My Friends" and "My Team"?

You will find all your friends who play Totally Spies! Fashion Agents in the "My friends" tab. With your friends, you can perform only two actions: visiting them and saving them when they are under attack.
Your "Team" refers to your Spy team. You will have to choose two teammates among your friends with whom you will be able to perform missions and save the world.

What are friends for?

Your friends allow you to progress faster. The more friends you have, the more tasks you can perform by visiting them. Friends let you gain a lot more Spy Coins. In order to visit a friend, you simply need to click on their profile picture in the lower part of the screen. 

Can I chat with my friends in the game?

There is no chat system in the game and such a feature is not planned. You can communicate with your friends through the facebook interface though. 

What is the purpose of teammates?

Teammates are two friends that you choose to form your ultimate spy team. They are the only ones who can lend you their gadgets and help you during missions. Your team mates are also your roommates, and you can find them in your living room. When you visit them, you can also perform householding tasks for them and win Spy Coins. Your teammates are marked with a little heart icon in your friends list.

No one asked me to be their teammate. Is that normal?

When you reach Level 10, a pop-up message will ask you to choose your first teammate. If this is not the case, it is not normal and you can send me an email here: contact@fashionagents.com and the WHOOP team will take care of you soon.

After Level 10, may I play alone instead of belonging to a team?

You can play alone. If you want to be a real Spy and evolve faster, however, it's better to form a team like Alex, Sam and Clover.

After Level 20, is it possible to form a team of two?

You can play alone or in a two persons team, but it's always better with three. Union gives you strength!

Can I switch a teammate for someone else? 

At any time, you can change your teammate. In order to do that, go to the "My Team" tab, and click on the "delete" button, next to the teammate you want to remove. Then, click on the “add teammate” button and chose the person who will be your new teammate in your friends list.

Why can we not be more than three in the team?

My teams are always made up of three spies, like Alex, Sam and Clover. As one of the rules at WOOHP, small but talented teams get the job done efficiently and discretely. 


What are whooping missions?

During ‘Woohping’ missions, I send you across the world. Snow, Rooftops, Deserts or Forests, you need to fight evildoers everywhere. In order to help you, I’ve put down some pink chests. But be careful, some of them have been trapped by the enemies. You have to defeat every enemy in order to open the last door and free the captured person or deactivate the bomb. Don't forget you can get help from your teammates during the missions, and they can also lend you their gadgets. The future of the world is in your hands.

How do you perform Whooping missions?

You cannot access them on your own. I need to call you! When I appear in the ComPowderBox left of the screen, you simply have to click on it to access a mission. If you have teammates, they will automatically be brought along as well. When I whoop you, I make a little melody ring, so listen carefully try not to miss it.

How often are there Whooping missions ?

The world is regularly in danger and I receive calls every thirty minutes. If you are often online, I will regularly whoop you on a mission.


What use are gadgets?

Gadgets help you open doors during missions. You can buy them at the Groove by clicking the Shopping Bag icon, and then select the Gadgets tab. Once you have bought them, you can find them by clicking on the "My Gadgets" icon. 


What is WOOHP-Cash used for in the game?

WOOHP-Cash lets you progress faster and buy great exclusive items at the Groove.

How can I earn WOOHP-Cash?

Spycoins is the only currency you can earn. If you wish to obtain more WOOHP-Cash, you can buy some by clicking on the ‘More Sc et W’ icon in the game.

Where can I buy WOOHP-Cash?

In order to buy Woohpoints, click on the ‘More Sc et de W’ in the game.

What can I do if I have a problem with my payment?

If you are experiencing a problem, please contact us by email at: contact@fashionagents.com


Where’s my boyfriend?

To find a boyfriend won with an objective, click on the icon ‘Shoes’ and then at the orange button at the up right. ‘Boyfriends’ 
You can then select your boyfriend, it twill appear next to your avatar in your house!

The missions can’t allow me to reach my objective

Don’t worry, the’re a lot of missions in Totally Spies! Fashion Agents. If you keep on doing missions, you will meet the creatures asked in the objective for sure!

I don’t have the 5 WOOHP-Cash I had to receive with the objective!

Objectives don’t allow you to win 5 WOOHP-Cash but a button ‘Unlock the objective for 5 WOOHP-Cash’ allows you to unlock the objective for this amount (if for example you don’t have friends to invite). 


I completed an offer but I still don’t receive my WOOHP-Cash, is it normal?

The delivery time is usually 15 minutes. Although we did all our possible to deliver your WOOHP-Cash very quickly you can sometimes wait a little bit longer.. 
If you do not receive your WOOHP-Cash within 24 hours, please fill out the following form: http://bit.ly/gbHoys.

Can I complete several offers the same day?

Yes you can fill complete s much offers as you would like.

How to report a problem with an offer?

To report a problem with an offer, please fill out this following form: http://bit.ly/gbHoys.
Do not forget to give us the name of the offer, the date and the hour.


Is the game free?

The Totally Spies! Fashion Agents is free. Only a few items require payment, and they are not mandatory to progress in the game. 

Does the game run in any browser?

Yes, the game runs in any browser. Make sure, however, that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. 

How can I install Flash?

Follow this link to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player: http://get.adobe.com/fr/flashplayer/

How can I report a bug? 

In order to report a bug, you simply need to fill out this form: http://www.fashionagents.com/en/support/.

Do I need to save the game before I quit?

No, the game is saved automatically.

What should I do if my bathtub / shower did not allow me to recover energy?

It's so easy: just move or rotate the object!

During the tutorial at the beginning of the game I stuck when I visit a friend because I already completed all the tasks in his flat. What should I do?

You’ve got three solutions: